Meet FreeBeeGee

Your 2D tabletop for board- and role-playing games. Self-hosted on your own server.

Written in JavaScript & PHP. Fully open‑source.

» Sometimes there are 19+ reasons why your gaming group can't meet in person. FreeBeeGee allows you gather at your own virtual table to play classic tabletop games or RPGs. Without registration, fees or getting tracked. «

Ludus Leonis



FreeBeeGee is currently under development. Think of it as somewhere between alpha and beta. The following list describes what it can do today.

For players

  • FreeBeeGee runs in your browser – no client software needed.
  • Easy-to-use drag'n'drop interface. Keyboard hotkeys for power-users.
  • Setup your table with just a few clicks. Invite friends by sending them a link.
  • Your game, your data. Download a snapshot and continue playing another time or on another server. Or keep it as offline backup.

For creators

  • Quickly create complex game boards and maps by placing smaller tiles. Classic, heroic dungeon tiles and 200+ monster token included.
  • Organize your pieces in different layers for tiles, overlays and tokens.
  • Export your creation as .zip template.
  • Share your work with other players and creators on other servers.

For admins

  • Easy to install. Unzip to your webspace, set a password and you are ready to go.
  • Apache & PHP 7.3+ required, but no database and no 3rd party tools.
  • Works fine in a subfolder of your existing server/blog.
  • Reasonable, secure defaults.

» FreeBeeGee gives you the choice where your game goes. Literally. Download a snapshot and continue playing on another server. Or host it on your own. It's your content! «

Ludus Leonis


Convinced? Good! FreeBeeGee downloads are currently hosted on GitHub, together with the full source code.

Need an older release? Find them here.

Support the author

Open-source software may be free, but still costs effort and money to write. I'm currently developing FreeBeeGee in my spare time.

If you or your gaming group like FreeBeeGee, please consider supporting it financially. Any amount would be fine! This allows me to worry less about paying for food and rent and spend more time improving this software. It also helps the project to grow and will enable me to hire artists to create game-graphics in the future.

Become a subscriber on Patreon and support Ludus Leonis with a small monthly donation! This would be the first choice, as a regular income helps FreeBeeGee the most!

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About the author

FreeBeeGee is written and maintained by Ludus Leonis, an open-source enthusiast and independent pen'n'paper RPG author and publisher, located in Vienna, Austria.

There is more free and open content – including full games – over at our homepage.